Conferencia Interamericana de Educación Matemática, XV Conferencia Interamericana de Educación Matemática

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Undergraduate teaching and learning of mathematics with open source textbooks: Uso de textos universitarios de matemáticas
Vilma Mesa

Construir: Bloque 11
Sala: Auditorio 3
Fecha: 2019-05-09 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM
Última modificación: 2019-04-22


In the Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks project we study the use of open source computational resources in the teaching and learning of mathematics at undergraduate level (Beezer et al., 2018). The project gathers (a) real-time, individualized viewing data from three dynamic undergraduate textbooks for calculus, linear algebra, and abstract algebra; (b) ongoing surveys of users’ descriptions of the textbook use; (c) users’ questionnaires (beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics, technology, teaching, and learning); and (d) student performance (tests of knowledge and grades). The textbooks have been enhanced with WeBWorK, Geogebra, and interactive Reading Questions for which instructors can see the responses in real time, and computational cells. In this article I highlight features of the textbooks and the theoretical and methodological approaches to answer two questions: How do students and instructors use textbooks? and How can we develop textbooks that will improve teaching and learning?

Palabras clave

open-source textbooks, textbook use, data analytics, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra

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